Small Homeware Haul

Hey all! So I’ve been travelling back and forth between Toronto and Ottawa a LOT this month, and the nice weather has created great opportunities to stroll and shop in both places. I love shopping for my tiny Ottawa apartment, and here are my favourite items that I got recently!


So this first item I actually got a while ago, but I rediscovered it this month when I was reorganizing my kitchen and I only just started using it, so I’m going to include it with all my new items. This is from Bank St Framing , which is one of my favourite stores in Ottawa. As their name suggests, they are a framing shop, but they also sell a lot of cute furniture and home items. It’s just a very small adorable platter, perfect for putting out sliced fruit or a small cake when I have company over. The added bonus is it looks great in a shelf or on a coffee table even when I have nothing to put on it! I love this platter and intend to use it a lot more now that I remember I have it.


I’m really excited about these as they go perfectly in my apartment and I know I’ll use them over and over again. These are from my aboslute favourite Ottawa kitchen store called “The Bank Street Emporium.” I absolutely encourage you to go and visit this store, as I know with every visit I spend about three times the amount I intend to and never have any regrets. These are just very simple candle holders, and they will fit pretty much any small candle. I love scented candles around my apartment, and this is just a lovely way to display them.



So I love this frying pan. It is very small, the perfect size to cook one egg in the morning for myself. I hate doing the dishes, and having just this tiny little frying pan to wash after eating breakfast is so much nicer than facing a huge frying pan that gets water all over the counter as I try to wash it. And of course, my favourite part of this frying pan is the adorable flower design all over the bottom. I’ve never seen a frying pan like it, so I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. This one is from Toronto, from a cute little kitchen store in the St. Lawrence Market, called placewares.


These are also from placewares. I think they’re absolutely adorable, and for someone who loves dipping carrots into hummus or salsa for a lunch, small dipping bowls like this are a must have. They had a whole selection of different styles and colours to choose from, but I chose to go on the simple side as sometimes I think less is more. After all, I intend to have brightly coloured dips inside of these all the time, so I think the overall effect will still be gorgeous.


Last but not least, this mortar and pestle set is also from placewares. It is very small – you may have noticed a small theme going on in my kitchen accessories. This is because I have a very small kitchen, and I’m always looking for functional kitchen tools that won’t take up tons of my storage space. I love the colour, and the size is just the icing on the cake. I’ve been lacking on a mortar and pestle set for a long time, so I’m very excited about having one to use for all sorts of holiday cooking coming up.

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