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I have a passion for home decorating. That means, despite the fact I have no money at the best of times and am critically in debt at the worst, I always try to keep my place nice, well decorated, and homey. I live in a tiny little two bedroom apartment in downtown Ottawa and I love my apartment so so much. I’ve worked really hard to get it to look how it does, and I would love to share it with all of you!

20140709_164006 20140709_164023

My living room is absolutely my favourite feature of my apartment. It’s so bright and fun, which is critical in the cold, dark Ottawa winters. My main colours are teal, plum purple, bright green, and orange. Since the cushions and main pieces of furniture are so bright, I went very neutral with the rest of the furniture and the rug, just to make sure the room isn’t overdone. My artwork is all carefully selected….every single piece really excites me and means something personal to me. Overall, the entire space just makes me feel happy to walk into.


Just a quick nod at my bathroom; I kept up the bright and happy theme here as well. It’s a very small bathroom, so a very light bath matt and shower curtain make it feel as big as it possibly can. One of my favourite features is my over the toilet cabinet. This did not come with the bathroom…I brought it in and I am so grateful that I did. In a tiny little bathroom, the extra storage space really pays off, and it looks awesome.


My kitchen/eating area is very very small, but surrounded by large windows, so it feels very bright and happy. I brought in some very bright colours to brighten up the plainness of the white cupboards. I love my rug, and it helped cover up the old, stained, white tile underneath. The tablecloth is so nice to see everyday and makes me happy to eat at the table. The disney princess decals aren’t a super thought out aspect. They were a Christmas gift and I only meant to put them up as a joke, but I ended up loving them, so they are here to stay!

20140708_104143 20140708_104159

My bedroom is surprisingly large considering how small the rest of my apartment is. It’s so cozy and bright though, and I have it exactly how I pictured it. My covers on my bed are newspaper clippings from all over the world, which I love so much because I love to travel. My main colours in my room are aqua and light green. My desk is perhaps not the absolute best feature if I decorated just for bedroom aesthetics, however, as a student, having such a huge desk is nothing but a blessing.


Lastly, here is my balcony. I’m on the seventh floor, and I love to sit out here when the mornings are warm and watch the sunrise, or have a cup of coffee out here with friends.

So I love my apartment. I decorated a while ago, so I didn’t even try to remember where I got everything featured in here, but I know my main place was Bed Bath & Beyond, which is one of my absolute favourite stores, and the prices are pretty good for student living. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

2 thoughts on “Apartment Tour

    • tatianahomeandbeauty says:

      Thankyou! I love that shade of green. It’s a cool colour and doesn’t assault your eye like a lot of warmer colours can in large quantities, but it also doesn’t make a room feel cold, because it’s still so bright and summery. Also, once I started looking for it, it was so easy to find furniture and home items in that colour! It’s absolutely everywhere. In fact I had to work on will power to not end up with an entire apartment with nothing but lime green!

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