October Favourites

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great halloween…I know mine was excellent. So, October has officially ended. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Ottawa, it really does seem to signify the end of fall. Today I had to turn the space heater on for the first time, as well as break out the winter coat when I went to get food earlier. Some of my friends even reported seeing flurries late last night! I am going to miss fall quite desperately (although I’m incredibly excited about heading into the Christmas season), so I thought I’d say goodbye to fall with some nice healthy October Favourites.


First off, I’ve been loving this great eye cream from the face shop. I come from a family with huge dark circles under our eyes at all times…of course it gets worse with bad sleep and dehydration, but they are still always there. This is the first product I’ve ever used that actually visibly reduces those at all. It also just brightens my eyes in general and makes my skin feel extremely soft and hydrated. I’ve had this since September actually, and I’m absolutely buying it again as soon as I run out…which will be very quickly considering I’m using it morning and evening.


This lovely bracelet was a gift from a friend of my mother’s. She went to Greece recently and came back with this amazing gift for me. I can’t even describe how much I love it. Of course the colours are gorgeous, and it goes with almost every outfit. There’s also the added bonus that the designs on the blue stones are supposed to protect you from the evil eye. I don’t really know what the evil eye is, but it doesn’t sound great, so I’m very happy to be protected from it!


This was my halloween candy bowl this year. I got it for 20 dollars from Shoppers Drug Mart, and I fully expected it to be kind of a piece of garbage for one time use, but it surprised me. It’s really heavy, made out of good sturdy material, so it sits nicely on my coffee table and never budges an inch. It’s deep enough for a whole box of halloween candy, and it looks awesome for halloween! To be honest, I will probably keep it out at least a week longer. I have to get all my decorations together for Christmas this week anyway, and all of the halloween candy will be on sale, so it will be cheaper than normal to keep this bowl completely full.


So these are tiny little one time use face masks. Shoppers Drug Mart has them out in big displays everywhere…and there’s always a sale on them like three for the price of one or double the points if you buy one. I don’t tend to buy a lot of face masks, as I consider them a luxury and there’s not a ton of room in my budget for luxuries. However, these are incredibly cheap. I pick up about ten of them at a time, and I’ve only been using about one a week. So if you are on a budget and love face masks, go to Shoppers!!


I cannot begin to describe to you my love for hot chocolate on a chilly evening. So when I popped by this novelty kitchen store close to Bank and Third in Ottawa (sorry, I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the store), and saw a display full of different types of hot chocolate, it was all I could do not to buy the entire display. So I bought two of 5 different kinds instead: maple, gingerbread, regular, candy-cane, and smores. Y-U-M!


This is an incredible pallet by maybelline. I have blue eyes, so I use a lot of different nude colours to make them pop. So when I saw one big pallet full of all of the colours I like to use on an average day, I put it in my basket so quickly it was basically never on the shelf. I use this pallet every single day, and I love it more than anything. There’s no sparkles, and no colours that pop out, but I can create the basics of hundreds of different looks with this one pallet, and that’s exactly what I needed.


This is maple granola that I got at an organic bakery also close to Bank and Third (I’m so sorry, I need to start learning the names of stores). I’ve been having it almost every morning for breakfast since then, mixed with bananas, berries, and almond milk. It’s the best breakfast I could have ever asked for, and full of healthy things like pumpkin seeds and oats!


My dear mother came to visit me about two weeks ago, and we popped into one of my favourite stores to browse: the Great Glebe Emporium. She bought these casserole dishes for me while we were there, and I can’t begin to thank her enough! I’ve literally had them two weeks and have used every dish at least once. The individual ones are perfect for a one person meal, like the Banana, Quinoa, and Chocolate Bake I posted last week, and the other dishes easily make me meals to last the week. And of course, they are the cutest casserole dishes I have ever seen!! I’ve actually had my eye on them for months, and I can’t believe I finally own them! Best. Mother. Ever.


I picked up both these books on a whim recently when I was downtown, and they are very worthwhile reads. Juice It by Robin Asbell is perfect for the juice lover…tons of different delicious juices for every different mood. Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart is just an enjoyable read. It talks about eating to give your body the nutrients it needs to be the prettiest you…the picture is more than just calories in, calories out, but includes all the different nutrients you need on a daily basis for your body to be at its best. Now there are certain aspects I don’t agree with…she talks a lot about the evils of dairy, gluten, alchohol, chocolate, sugar, etc and how you should give up these items completely to be healthy. I personally think a life with none of these items is a life not worth living…I love food, and prefer to live with it, trusting it, then spend my time expecting it to kill me through cancer. Just everything in moderation. But I love her enthusiasm for the healthy foods of different seasons, and all of the recipes in the book are mouth-wateringly delicious. My favourite so far is the pumpkin spice pudding!


This is a big mug also from the Great Glebe Emporium. It was again purchased for me by my kind, amazing, mother. I can’t get over how much I love it. It feels so cozy to drink hot chocolate from an oversized mug, plus I can use it as a small soup bowl if I want to!


I can’t possibly leave my favourite album of the month out of this post. 1989 just came out last Monday, and I encourage everyone to go pick it up! It’s very 80s, and very cheerful. I literally haven’t stopped listening to it for almost an entire week. My favourite songs are Wildest Dreams and Wonderland. You know, this year has been my favourite for new music. Multiply by Ed Sheeran came out at the beginning of the summer (my favourite album of all time, I am obsessed), then I discovered Rudimental in September, and now there’s a new Taylor Swift album! I feel completely and totally complete.

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