Just to clear up any confusion right off, I don’t have kids, and probably won’t for about another ten years. I also don’t spend pretty much any of my time thinking about what my future children’s rooms will look like. However, I came across this look the other day when I was browsing Christmas decorating ideas…there was a little picture in the corner of a baby girl’s room. I thought it was the best idea ever, so I wanted to share.



So the look is basically dark grey walls, vintagy white furniture (not all of these pictures have very vintage furniture, that’s just what I would do), and light ballet-pink highlights (lamp, rug, curtains, toys, wall decals). The overall effect is incredibly calming. You look at it and think…now this is a relaxing, peaceful room, which is exactly what I would think you would want a nursery to be. I know, I know…dark grey for a little baby? But, it really isn’t depressing at all, especially when you mix in the white furniture and light pink…it looks full of light and life. Also, since the grey absorbs light, when you turn off the lights and close the blinds for nap-time, it really will be dark enough for baby to have a good, relaxing sleep.



I love pink in a little girl’s room, but I’ve always hated the look of walls painted pink…it just is too exciting of a colour for a bedroom…or to be the dominant colour of any room. It looks so much better as an accent or highlight. Against the dark grey, it just jumps out and looks even more cheerful and girly than it does in a room that’s painted pink, with pink furniture, and pink everything.


So that’s this idea! If you enjoyed this post, please let me know and I will make more decorating ideas posts. If you want to see more of my posts, please subscribe to this blog, and follow me on facebook, twitter, and/or Instagram!

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