A Nice, Healthy Lunch

Fall is mostly on its way out as we are fading into winter here in Ottawa. Just today it was -10 and it has gotten to that point where I no longer strictly enjoy my time spent outside. Luckily the sun is still shining, and there is very little snow on the ground. However, the colder weather is increasing my desire for good, hearty comfort food. I’ve been giving into that desire a bit too much I must say, so today I decided to have a healthy lunch that would fill my desire for heavier food.


For this, I started by making about a cup of Quinoa in my rice cooker. Quinoa is great comfort food, I find, as it feels a bit heavier and can be served warm and is packed with protein and good nutrients. To make it even more comfort-foody, I decided to also have it with hummus (YUM).


There are literally dozens of options of foods to have with quinoa and hummus, but many less options in my fridge right now. I was out of sweet potato as of yesterday (sadness), and I didn’t have time to defrost a chicken breast, but my avocados were at that perfectly ripe stage, and I have tons of lovely, fresh spinach. So I cut up half of an avocado (I could have eaten the entire avocado, but I want to have the rest with dinner) and I washed a handful of spinach. Both of those were colder options, but the quinoa and hummus were warm and filling enough that this was still an amazing, comforting lunch.


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