31 Days of Style! – Day One

IMG_3312 IMG_3263 IMG_3295

IMG_3309 IMG_3329

So this is a challenge I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Basically, you’re going to get a post from me everyday through December with my daily outfit! I thought December would be the perfect month to do it, as most of the months in the year all you’d get most days is my going to class/lounging around the house outfit of a hoodie and jeans. You’ll still get some of that, but it will be mixed with Christmas/New years party outfits, family event outfits, and I’m done exams and back in Toronto starting the 15th, so I will have time to make a bit more of an effort than usual.

Today I’m wearing one of my favourite outfits! Sorry if I had a bit of attitude in the photos…I was figuring out the timer function on my camera and I was starting to get a bit frustrated. Also the camera was underneath me, and I didn’t realize until later that it gave me a double chin in almost every photo! I didn’t want to go through the whole picture taking ordeal again today, so I decided to just look like I’m carrying a lot more weight:P My big, comfy sweater is from Joe Fresh, my fantastic new burgundy jeans are from Garage, and my ankle booties are from Call it Spring.

For more of me, feel free to visit my facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Otherwise, I will see you all tomorrow for more 31 Days of Style!

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