31 Days of Style! – Day Three

IMG_3460 IMG_3462

So today’s outfit isn’t the most high fashion thing ever. It’s just my comfy, staying-inside-and-studying-all-day outfit! My amazingly soft and comfy oversize red plaid shirt is from Garage (in case you haven’t guessed, I buy a lot from Garage!) and my yoga pants are lulu lemon, of course! My brown tank top is just an old thing I’ve had in my closet since I was 14 or 15, but plain tanks are really easy to find.

If you like my blog and want to see more of me, feel free to head on over to my facebook and/or instagram! There is currently a problem with my twitter account…a post I never posted (something about a debugger?) showed up the other day, and the very next day, twitter “locked” my account. I think I may just get a new account, as it’s super old and I have hardly any followers anyway, and it’s attached to the email account I made when I was 12. I will update you when I decide what I want to do! Have a great day!

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