31 Days of Style! – Day Four…and FIRE!!

So I had a very umm…exciting night last night. There was a fire on the second floor of my building!! When the fire alarm went off, I took my time leaving the building, because I thought it was just someone having burnt their dinner accidentally setting off the main alarm. But as I was going down the stairs, I ran into a thick cloud of smoke…that was when I figured this was probably more than your usual building alarm. The firefighters went in through the balcony of the second floor in order to get the hose in as quickly as possible (they removed all the windows and the door of the unit). They let us back in after about 40 minutes, but the whole place was still a bit smokey! Well, at least the dogs in the building had a great time out in the snow surrounded by everyone! In fact, I got the distinct impression that they all thought this was a great turn of events. Everyone else was a little shaken. I got a few pictures of the action though!

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed

I think the clear moral to the story is fire safety. Especially in the winter, with the holidays coming up, we all need to be extra vigilant. Be careful when cooking, and clean all kitchen appliances regularly. Monitor any scented candles you have when they’re burning, and always blow them out before you leave the apartment or go to bed. Accidents still can happen though, so please invest in a small home fire extinguisher, and make sure you have an exit strategy in case things go badly. If things do go badly, stay calm and exit your home as quickly and CALMLY as possible. Don’t be like the family who lives across from me….they were all screaming at each other to get out, the parents and children were both panicking, and they just seemed quite out of control. No matter the urgency of the situation, panic and terror results in more injury, not in getting to safety quicker.

ANYWAY, on to outfit of the day!

IMG_3492 IMG_3500 IMG_3507 IMG_3523 IMG_3525

Today’s outfits is one of my absolute favourites. I think it does really flattering things for my body, and is one of those versatile outfits that isn’t too dressy to wear everyday, but I can dress it up with nice pants or a skirt and wear it nice places. The top is from Guess, the black tank top is from Express, the jeans are from Garage, and my lace-up boots are from Call it Spring.

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