31 Days of Style – Day Five: Studying For Exams

IMG_3538 IMG_3541 IMG_3545 IMG_3563 IMG_3569 IMG_3586

Today’s outfit is another basic studying all day outfit. I usually just wear sweats or pjs all day on days like today quite honestly, but this project is keeping me a little classier. My top is from Ardene, and I really like it because I can wear it around with a pair of jeans, but I often use it for a pj top or working out as well! Also, I think it cost me 5 dollars (say what you will, but it’s pieces like this that make me actually love Ardene). My jeans are of course from Garage and (surprise surprise) my studded lace up shoes are from Call it Spring. Just a note about those shoes though. I got them because I love the look, and I still do, however, I absolutely have to wear them with socks because the backs will give me the most painful blisters ever within 10 minutes of wearing them without. In the summer I always really want to wear them with a pair of shorts, which I obviously can’t do if I also have to wear socks.

In other exciting news, I hit a new low weight today, which makes for a total of 18 pounds lost in the past year! I am celebrating that, but there’s still a lot of things I want to change health-wise. In the past few days I’ve been surviving on junk food and diet soda, plus quite a few energy drinks. I’m really feeling the effect and I don’t feel well at all. Especially since I was being so healthy for the week before that. I blame exams completely, the stress plus the lack of time to grocery shop, but I also should be making more of an effort. Even with little time, I’m going to see if I can stop by the grocery store tomorrow and pick up a bunch of pre-made salads and maybe some meals from the hot section. And I don’t care how stressed or tired exams make me, no liquid will pass through my lips aside from water. No more energy drinks!

Feel free to hit the like button and comment with what you guys do to stay healthy when you have no time to cook properly or grocery shop. Also, subscribe to my blog if you want to see more of me, and you can also follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram!

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