31 Days of Style! – Day Eight: First Exam!

IMG_3627 IMG_3647 IMG_3672 IMG_3676

Today I put a little extra care into what I am wearing, as I am actually leaving my apartment to go to school and write an exam today! I used to not put any effort in on the day of exams, just show up in sweats with greasy hair, because I didn’t want to take any time out of studying to get ready. Then last year, some media people showed up at one of my exams with cameras because my prof was trying out a new method of testing and it made the local news. Luckily none of my pictures made it in the story, but I learned my lesson, and now I put myself together at least a little bit for exams. Today I’m wearing my very warm and practical (joking) holed sweater from Garage, a tank top from Express, jeans from Garage, and boots from Forever 21.

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