31 Days of Style! – Day Nine: A Stress Free Day

IMG_3697 IMG_3700

Sorry if this is getting boring, but today was yet another lay around the house and study day. I actually didn’t end up studying too much either, because yesterday I was starting to get a little too stressed out and I just needed some relax time in my day today for my own health. I hope that doesn’t affect my exam on Thursday. My outfit is just a comfy lie-around outfit. The pants are my lulu lemon yoga pants, my t-shirt is from Garage, and my cardigan is from Joe Fresh. I will say I don’t love the t-shirt. It’s a couple years old now anyway, but it has basically no structure or shape (it didn’t have much to begin with and it took a disappointing number of washes to get it to be a lump of cloth). It also is extremely see-through, which is quite annoying in a plain v-neck t-shirt because if it weren’t see through, I would be able to pair it with so many more items than I am currently able to. Also, unless it is bright sunlight or I am wearing a high waisted skirt, I can’t wear it in bright sunlight. So I really don’t recommend the t-shirt. Everything else is great though!

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