31 Days of Style! – Day 18: Christmas Shopping!!

IMG_4041 IMG_4043

I am exhausted! I have spent all day today in and out of stores with huge lineups and navigating the subway with two heavy oversized shopping bags. I’m really happy though because I made really good purchases and I think everyone I’m buying gifts for this year will be really happy. I also got to come home and relax in a nice bath, and since one of my stops today was lush, I got to pick up their Golden Wonder…which lives up to the hype completely. The explosion as I put it in the water, the different colours, the gold stars….and eventually everything melted away and I was left with a heavenly smelling dark blue bath with gold sparkles. It was the perfect end to a busy day.

So today I’m wearing an oversized plaid shirt from Garage (you saw this shirt before in this series, but I was using it differently for a day of relaxing) with my jeans from Garage, and some very stylish pink socks.

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