What I got for Christmas

Well, I never did finish 31 days of style. I did get up to day 26 though, and I’m really happy overall with how my first full month of blogging went. I’m sorry to everyone who was following 31 days of style intently, and I hope you will be happy with my new post. It’s time for me to share with you all of the wonderful things I got for Christmas presents! Now I don’t do this to brag at all. It’s just to show you things that are wonderful and you may not have even known you wanted, but will now go out and buy for yourself at some point. Or to review the products I got and let you know how good they are. I was lucky enough to get a number of wonderful presents for Christmas from various family and friends, and I just want to share some of these wonderful things with the world.


First is this incredible margarita glass set that my aunt gave me! To be honest, at 20, most of my mixed drinks are 90% tequila, 10% something else, and drinken as fast as I can out of a solo cup. But I do make a mean margarita, and I hope to have a lot of fun using this! Not completely certain where to store it in my apartment…I may have to do some reorganizing;)


This is going to be a new family heirloom. This is a gorgeous antique tea set that my mother bought for me. I already drink tea, but I am going to be drinking a lot more now that I have something this pretty to drink it out of. I think my biggest danger is that I will decide not to use this unless I am having tea with a few friends (and when do my friends ever come over and demand a massive amount of tea?), so I just have to get into the habit of treating myself. The sugar holder even comes with cute little sugar tongs!


I got a slow cooker! I have wanted one of these for so so long. I have a list of recipes a mile long that are meant to be made in a slow cooker, and I have been complaining to my mom for months that I need one (thus the present). You can all look forward to a lot more slow cooker recipes on this blog.


I have been saying for a while now that I have been wanting to limit my intake of gluten, dairy, meat, etc in the new year…so on that note my grandparents got me a gluten free bread book and a wonderful book about the wonder that is coconut oil (which I already use for EVERYTHING). However you can’t bake gluten free bread without supplies, so…..


they also got me supplies! All the types of flour I need to make any type of gluten free bread I could want.


This is kind of a silly gift. Frozen wall decals! In my bright, fun loving little apartment though, these type of things can make a huge difference to a space (note the disney princesses all over my kitchen). I haven’t decided where these will go just yet, but be sure I will post pictures when I put them up.


I got an actual cupcake decorating kit! No more frosting from a can for me;) I haven’t tried this yet, but my mum has been baking cupcakes for years, so if she picked it out, I’m sure it’s excellent.


This is one of my favourite gifts of the year. This is a Christmas makeup bag from MAC with 3 of their Christmas lipsticks inside (actually I don’t know if the pink one is one of their Christmas editions, but it came with this gift). I haven’t tried the brown one yet. I’m not usually a brown lipstick kind of girl, but this one looks so lovely that I want to give it a go. The red and the pink however are amazing. The pink has jumped to the top of my list of favourite pink lipsticks (and I have a LOT of pink lipstick..it’s my colour) and the red has jumped to the top of my list of favourite reds (also saying something…I have some pretty spectacular reds). They are both outstanding colours that don’t fade easily, but do the double duty of moisturizing my lips, which is essential in dry Canadian winters.


I’m not usually a Tom Ford perfume kind of girl (I prefer lighter, happier scents), but I love this one. It’s still definitely not an everyday kind of perfume for me, but I think it’s my new favourite night out perfume!


This is just a fun little scented candle (you know me and scented candles!). It fills the room with cinnamon cheer, and hey, what can be better than that?


I have not personally tried these yet, but I have been assured by various sources that they are the best wine bottle stoppers to be found. I’m glad they’re functional, because I love the fun little colours they come in!


What kind of 20 year old would I be if no one thought of me when they saw Crystal Head Vodka in the store? The thing is, the bottle is so cool I’m not sure I want to drink the vodka! (I probably will though….)


This is another one of my favourite gifts ever. These are MAC’s Christmas eyeshadows!! I’ve been using the middle 3 exclusively since I got them. I will say, the gold sparkles are extremely sparkly and get all over your face, but that’s part of the fun! And they come with the most adorable carrying case! I actually really love these eyeshadows, and considering I own dozens of eyeshadows at this point, these are 100% worth it.

IMG_4472 IMG_4474

My cousins got me DKNY perfume! I’ve actually gotten the green apple before as a gift, and I loved it, but never bought it again for myself because it was so appley that it was more of a statement than I wanted to make for a day perfume, but too light for a night out perfume. This one is just ever so slightly less appley and more floraly, so it’s actually a really nice perfume for everyday:)


And last but not least, some MAC travel brushes in a beautiful little travel case with a nice travel cleanser and travel eye-makeup remover. I travel a LOT and my next stop is Greece this May. Travel items that save space (especially beauty ones) are always in high demand for me, and these are some of the best I’ve ever owned.

So that was my haul this year. I mean there’s a couple of things that I didn’t include in here (LIKE POKEMON MONOPOLY) that I still loved and treasure, but I didn’t want to bore you people with items that would only hold excitement for me. I hope all of your Christmases were as wonderful as mine was and have an incredibly happy new year!!!! xoxo

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