Fashion Friday – Outfit of the Day!



I was feeling particularly attractive today in my brand new clothes from a recent shopping spree, so last minute I decided to share another outfit with all of you!:) My entire outfit, head to toe (excluding the shoes….so head to ankle I suppose), is completely from Garage. The black ballet top pairs excellently with the army green soft pants. I have a small waist, so when I find an outfit that hugs that part while being forgiving in the other parts, I always get really excited. In this cold snap we’re having here in Toronto, the big comfy sweater was practical as well as stylish, and I don’t have anything like it so I’m LOVING it. Lastly I think the necklace adds a touch of bright colour that brings the outfit together and makes it uniquely mine. The shoes are from Ardene, which is a store I always recommend if you’re looking for cheap shoes that look great!

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