Lush Haul!

Feeling a sense of impending doom about returning to the dry air of Ottawa, just before I left I went to Lush for a serious shopping trip. My back gets so dry it itches all through the winter, so serious moisturizing baths are a necessity, not simply a luxury. I got a ton of great products and have tried quite a few, so here we go!


This first product is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon for Soft Skin. It’s a bubble bath made with rose oil and rose absolute that is supposed to soften and soothe dry, sensitive skin…which sounds like exactly what I need. To use, you just break in half and crumble one half under the tap as the bath is running (there’s more than enough for two baths).


This is a soothing lavender and jasmine melt called Dreamtime. It’s supposed to induce sleep, so if you have this in a bath right before bed, you should sleep like a baby. It’s flled with jasmine, lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood essential oils, so besides inducing sleep it should be great for my dry skin problems. To use, you drop it in as the bath is running (half or whole) and let it melt in the warm rising water.


This is the Tisty Toasty bath bomb….it’s more of a “bath for two” kind of product, but I have tried it and I love it just for me. It is made with rose and orris root and is supposed to induce happy, positive feelings. Again, it is also great for dry skin. To use, you drop in the whole thing after the bath has filled.


This is probably my favourite bath melt of all time. It’s called Ceridwen’s Cauldron and it basically turns the bath into a tub full of milky oatmeal. The bath is milky with cocoa butter and walnut oil, and there’s tons of oats, lavender, and sandalwood floating in the milk. It’s literally made to soothe and hydrate dry, sensitive skin, and it works better than anything else I’ve ever tried. To use, you drop it in as the bath fills up. You can do half at a time, but I do whole, since I’m looking for a more concentrated effect.


This is the Pop in the Bath bubble bar. It was actually inspired by Mary Poppins and is just supposed to make you feel light and breezy after a troubled day. It smells quite orangy and is just kind of fun….I will probably use it with one of the tamer bath melts, just to make a soothing bath a little more fun, as on it’s own it won’t do too much for my troubled skin. To use, you crumble it under the tap as the bath is filling.


This Blackberry bath bomb was the first bath bomb ever created back in 1989. There’s nothing too special about it…just gives some great blackberry scents to calm and relax you after a stressful day. Again, I will most likely use this with something else, or save it for use when my skin doesn’t need so much moisturizing care. To use, you drop it in once your bath is full.


This is a bath melt I have not tried before, but am very excited to use. It is the Floating Island bath melt and it smells of lemon and sandalwood. It is supposed to take away all your worries, but it has quite a bit of cocoa butter in it, so it should also help with my skin. To use, you drop it in the bath as the water is rising and let it melt in the warm water.


This is a bubble bar with elements of a bath melt in it, called the Green bubble bar.. The bubble part of it has lots of orange and lime oils guaranteed to put you in a better mood, but the two halves are held together by a coconut oil jam, which disperses through the bath, adding a moisturizing effect. To use, you crumble half or whole under the tap while running. If you want the entire moisturizing effect, I would personally recommend doing both halves at once so that you get all of the coconut oil in there.


This is one of my favourite bath bombs. It’s called the Big Blue bath bomb and it has scents of lavender and lemon in it…but most of all, it is packed with sea salt and seaweed! These have awesome effects on your skin. It also turns the bath a bright blue, which is just pretty. To use, you drop the whole thing in once the bath is full.


This is the Pink bath bomb and it was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. It makes the bath turn pink and smell lightly of vanilla (but not to the point that gives you a headache, just a light sweet scent). I really enjoy this one…it’s just so bright and girly! To use, you drop it in once the bath is full.


This is the Creamy Candy bubble bar. This smells like vanilla and cotton candy and is supposed to be good for sensitive skin, since it is also filled with cocoa butter. The description also says the bubbles will be bright pink…that would be amazing, but I have yet to try it. To use, you just crumble it under the tap as the bath is running.


This is the You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt. As you can guess, it smells like mango! It is also full of avocado butter and mango butter to moisturize the skin. They say it’s great for an early morning bath to make you happy and energize you for the day! I’ve never had an early morning bath, but I might just try it! It does sound like a nice way to start out the day. To use, you just drop it in and let it melt as the bath is running.


Last but not least, this is the Brightside bubble bar. It is a light, citrusy bubble bath that will turn the tub a vivid orange. It really does make you happy and light. To use, you just crumble it under the tap while the water is running.

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