Favorite Toronto Condo Listing


Although I won’t be in a place to buy a home for years, I do love browsing real estate. There are so many interesting and unique listings…and you don’t need to be looking at million dollar homes to afford interesting. So I wanted to share one of my two favorite listings on the market today (I will share my other favorite at a later date).

This condo is at 2104-71 Simcoe St in Toronto, Ontario. It’s just by St. Andrew station. I find it’s location perfect…nestled just in between the financial and entertainment districts. The maintenance fees for the building are under 1000 dollars, the place comes with parking, and you get an oversize storage locker.

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I love how bright and full of life this apartment is, and while it has a definite layout and character, it leaves you so much room to decorate and personalize. Also, while it’s already gorgeous, there still are a number of little renovations you could potentially do to increase value. I love the breakfast nook, and there is a study as well (although not photographed). The only potential deal breaker for me is that it’s not a pet friendly building….I need my animals. But it will be someone else’s dream home!

Here’s the link to the original listing:


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