February Favourites

It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites post, mostly because I haven’t had any new favourites to share! I have collected a few new products and routines this month though, so I can finally do one of these again:) Which is great because I love to do favourites posts!


This first item is the lush bubblegum lip scrub and I have been using this obsessively all month (Actually I’m almost out!). It really moisturizes my lips and rubs off all the dead skin that tends to build up over the winter months. Plus it tastes like bubblegum. It’s literally sugar that I can lick off my lips that tastes like bubblegum. It’s the best part of my morning:)


On similar lines, this is the Warm Vanilla Sugar body scrub from Bath and Body Works. I LOVE this. It makes my skin so soft and smell great, plus it’s really moisturizing (which I didn’t expect from a scrub!)


This is the Warm Vanilla Sugar body butter from bath and body works! Alright, so my skin gets so dry in the winter that it itches. A lot. So I usually apply coconut oil twice a day…even then, that only helps so much. Now, I love coconut oil and totally believe it’s incredibly healthy….but I have to say what I’m about to say in the name of honesty. This stuff moisturizes my skin 100x better than coconut oil. Since I started using this, the itchiness has completely gone away. I don’t know how….it’s just so thick and creamy, and that must be what my skin needs more than oil right now. Plus it smells insanely good!




This is the MAC red lipstick that I got for Christmas, and it has been my favourite shade right through to now. It’s creamy and moisturizing, it stays on all day (which is so rare in a red lipstick), and it looks incredible. I wear it at least 3 days a week. I am obsessed! I don’t know what it is about a red lipstick that just gives me that extra boost of confidence in a day….but I sure do love it:)

20150303_181422 20150303_181449

I think I’ve written about this pallette before….I can’t help writing about it again. I love it. It was one of the most expensive makeup purchases I’ve ever made, but it’s my happiest splurge of life. I use these colours every single day and yet I’ve experimented with so many different looks. It also travels really well because these powders are hard to crack. And it comes with a great brush!


So this isn’t a new product, just a new storage solution. My kitchen felt crowded with bulk supplies, and because it was hard to clearly see what I had, I could never remember what I had and didn’t have, which made it hard to plan anything. So I went out and got 8 mason jars and filled them with 8 of my most used bulk supplies (quinoa, puffed quinoa, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, cacao powder, brown sugar, and oats). My kitchen has more room, and this way I can see clearly what bulk supplies I have and how much I have of them! Plus this looks really pretty.


This book was an impulse buy from chapters about a month ago. It has questions for every day of the year, and enough blank spots for 5 years. The questions can be normal things about where your life is right now, or deep and reflective, or silly. The point is to see how your answers change over 5 years of writing. I like this because it makes me write everyday, makes me think everyday, is a nice little break in my day, and I’m excited to see how I grow as a person in 5 years!


This is a journal I got from chapters. It’s not the journal that’s my favourite (although I do love it), but the act of journalling. I have journaled on and off in the past, but this month I’ve gotten really into it as a way of reflecting on myself and on my life. It’s really calming and a great way to take time to think in the day. I would encourage everyone to journal at some point in their life, as I think it’s one of the healthiest habits you can form.


And my last favourite of the month is a youtube channel I’m following obsessively. It’s actually really rare for me to follow American youtubers…I have nothing against American’s, I’ve just traditionally found the British ones a lot more interesting. However, I found Ingrid Nilsen about a month ago and have basically watched every video she’s ever made in that time (yes a big time commitment…I have no regrets). She’s funny and adorable and gives great health/beauty advice, but is also really down to earth and is very bright. I love the way she chooses to live, full of light and happiness. So I would encourage all of you to go subscribe to her.

And that’s all my favourites this month! If you enjoyed this post please give it a like and subscribe, then head on over to my Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for more of me! xoxo ❤ 🙂

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