Fashion Friday: Outfit of the Day!!




Sorry there was no post earlier this week…I had the flu! I hope to have some posts in reserve from now on in case of emergencies, but that relies on me being very organized….we will see what happens with that.

So today I am wearing an awesome spring outfit! The comfortable and lovely dress is from Garage. I love this dress, but most of the back is cut out, so wearing that depends on your comfort level with your back, or on having a nice jean jacket like me! My  jean jacket is also from Garage, and my shoes are from Call it Spring, however I got them years ago on sale, so I doubt they are still available. That’s kind of good though, because I don’t think they go that well with this outfit anyway. I actually think a cute pair of gladiator sandals work so much better, I just couldn’t wear any because all my great sandals are at my mum’s place currently!

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