My Morning Routine

Unlocking a good morning is the key to unlocking a good day. Now, I have never been a morning person in my entire life. I think maybe as a 4 year old I used to be up with the sun, but that was the last time I was happy to do so. However, this year one of my focuses has been on making myself get up early and have a good morning that sets the tone and focus for the rest of the day. As hard as it was to make myself get up at 7 when I had no reason to be up early (ARGHH!!), I’m now used to it and I’ve learned that it really is worth it. I sleep better too, now that I don’t sleep for as long as I want to, because my body is compensating with more meaningful sleep for the fewer hours.



So the first thing I do when I wake up at 7 is make my bed. I know this seems like such a keener move, but when I come back into my room later, seeing my bed all neat with my throw pillows on top of it makes it far less likely that I will crawl back under the covers. After my bed is made, I go to the kitchen and drink one full glass of cold water to wake myself up. Then, I immediately make breakfast (either a smoothie or a bowl of berries and yogurt….nothing too heavy or I feel sick). After breakfast is when some people would choose to get changed and go to the gym, but for me I just feel sick working out first thing in the morning (my workouts are early afternoon). So instead, after breakfast, I do the few breakfast dishes and get into the shower.



         In the shower, I may wash my hair (once every 3 days!), and then I shave my legs using conditioner as the lubricant (makes my skin soooo soft), then I use soap, then occasionally I use a body scrub. I also wash my face in the shower using my favourite moisturizing face wash! Once I get out of the shower, I brush through my hair with my tangle teaser and I brush my teeth. I may also moisturize my face (I only moisturize my face a couple times a week due to my sensitive skin). I do moisturize my body using my favourite vanilla body butter!!

With that done, I go back to my bedroom and get dressed. I like to smell nice, so I will also use a body spray or a perfume on my clothes after I put them on. Then I do my makeup and my hair.


This is my free time. I might read a book, work on a new blog post, or do readings for my next classes. I can journal or sometimes I clean. My only rule is that I don’t turn on my phone or get on the internet. I like the first 3 hours of my day to be completely disconnected from the world. It helps me focus on myself and block out all distractions.

So that’s my morning routine! If you enjoyed this post, give it a like and subscribe! Then head on over to my Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter for more of me! xoxo ❤

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