My Everyday Spring Makeup


So I thought for my first time doing makeup on here, I would just post my quick, easy, everyday routine. This routine takes me ten minutes maximum and just gives me a nice, bright, everyday look.

 unnamed (3)

First I start with my concealer. I use the Benefit Boi-ing concealer, which I really like, but is quite heavy so I don’t wear a lot. I gently dab this under my eyes, around my nose, and on any spots of redness I may have. I just use my finger to dab it on, then I gently rub it in.

Next, I use my foundation. For this, I use the L’Oreal true match. I love this stuff. First off, it’s drugstore cheap,  which is a huge bonus. Secondly, it feels like a light moisturizer when I’m wearing it. I don’t feel it on my face at all, and in fact my skin feels nice after I put it on. I also apply this with my finger because I found it was so light that brushes were just pulling it off my face. I just put a dab on my cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose, then I rub it in. I apply more if necessary, but it’s almost never necessary.

Next is my powder. I use the Body Shop all in one face base. I know this is technically a powder foundation, not a foundation setting powder, but I’ve been using it as my powder for years and I love the look it gives me, so that’s what I will keep using. Using a big powder brush, I lightly sweep this all around my face.

Now I apply my bronzer. I love the bronzer I’m using right now: the Hoola benefit bronzing powder. It’s such a nice shade and so unbelievably soft…but it is a more expensive option. I again use another big powder brush and I apply this across my forehead, in the frogs of my cheeks, under my jaw line, and very lightly down the bridge of my nose.

Finally (for face items), I use my blush. I used to hate blush and I never wore it, but a while ago I found the marshmallow blush colour from the Body Shop and I fell in love. I just apply it lightly to the apples of my cheeks. And ta-da! On to eyes.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

For my eyebrows, I just brush them, then apply a chocolaty brown eye shadow from The Nudes palette by Maybelline New York. I’d love to say I have a professional technique…but I don’t. I really just brush it on until they look right.

Then I move on to eye shadow. Using my favourite palette (Naked by Urban Decay), I brush virgin all over my eyelid and naked in the crease, then I blend it out. That’s it. Simplest eye shadow look ever, and looks extremely natural while bringing out the blue in my eyes.

For my eyeliner, I just do a basic line on top and apply it to the waterline on the bottom. I’m using the Cover Girl perfect point plus pencil in the shade “espresso.”

My mascara is Cover Girl lashblast fusion. I really like the effect this has on my eyelashes, but it is the only mascara I have ever had that makes me want to use a lash curler because it is quite heavy. Normally my lashes are so long and have so much natural curl that I wouldn’t bother.

unnamed (4) unnamed (2)

Lastly, I use Mac Matte Candy Yum-Yum on my lips. Besides the silly name, this lipstick provides all day colour (I’m always scrubbing to wash it off at the end of the day) and I don’t feel it on my lips at all. I have discovered lately that Mac lipsticks are my favourite.

unnamed (1)

And that’s it! If you enjoyed this post, give it a like, then head over to my Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter for more of me! xoxo ❤

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