April Favourites

So I really did want to make a favourites post this month because there are a few new products I really want to talk about. However, I don’t have tons of new favourites this month, so this will be a shorter blog post. I hope that’s ok and that quality makes up for quantity!


The first thing I have to talk about is a pair of shoes…and not fashionable cute things either. These are my brand new walking shoes! In case you missed my last post, I am off to Turkey and Greece in just a few days! I am doing a course there, and to see all the sites we need to see for the course, there is going to be a lot of walking/hiking. A good pair of shoes was critical. To be completely honest, I picked these shoes because they were the cheapest and on sale (70 dollars woo!!). After walking in them though, they are literally the lightest, most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. I could walk miles and miles in them and never get a blister. So if you need a pair of walking shoes, I totally recommend these ones: Sketchers GoWalk Walking Shoes.


The body shop makes travel size body butter!!!! I love body butter. I use it everyday because I have ultra dry skin and it’s the only thing thick enough to keep my skin hydrated enough that it doesn’t itch (and yes, I did try coconut oil!). In all honesty, I don’t know if I will need body butter in Greece or Turkey due to the higher humidity than Ottawa. If I do need it though, I can take it!


I exclusive use L’Oreal True Match Foundation. It is the only foundation I’ve ever used that feels so light and hydrating on my skin, and the coverage is light and perfect. Traditionally this foundation comes in a tiny bottle that I’m tipping onto the back of my hand before applying…quite annoying and wasteful. I was so excited last time I was in Shoppers and I found that they have released it with a pump!! No more waste:)


This is a gentle eye makeup remover from the body shop…and yes, it is travel size. I love that everyone is making travel sized products now. I don’t love this as much as my Clinique eye makeup remover, but it does the job, it’s gentle on my eyes, and it smells nice:)


I was looking for travel soaps, and then for travel lotions that I can take on the plane. Bath and body works had it all. Cost effective, and the biggest they can possibly be while still being tiny enough to be convinient. Also, while the lotion looks big, it is small enough to take through security. Also, there were literally dozens of scents to choose from!


Now back to the body shop for a moment, these are a very special travel shampoo and travel conditioner from The Body Shop. Despite being travel products, they are so effective that they are more like hair treatments to everyday hair products. They are also made from extremely natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. The shampoo is Rainforest Radiance and is made for coloured hair. The conditioner is Rainforest Moisture and is made for dry hair. They feel beautiful and luxurious and smells so nice…..it doesn’t feel like I’m using a travel product at all.

21064599 All-the-Bright-Places-jkt orphan-train-cover

These are three books I bought for the plane ride. I feel a bit funny about recommending them because I’ve only read the first few pages of each….but I’m already so in love with all of them that I don’t know which one to read first! Luckily it’s a long plane ride, so I should have time to read to my heart’s content.

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