I’ve Lost 25 Pounds


While I am still not at my goal, and I still have a ways to go and things to change about my lifestyle, I realized recently that I am down 25 lbs from where I started a year ago. I am more than halfway to achieving my goal, and I feel so much happier and healthier than when I started. I really just wanted to take a moment to celebrate this and feel good about where I am. Don’t worry though, I will absolutely take a moment to answer that cutting question:

How did you do it?

Well the answer to that is unfortunately simple: hard work. Sorry guys, no magic pills, no surgery, no nothing. And yes, I have bad genetics. I do have a slow metabolism, and I’m short, so even the slightest bit of weight shows. In the real world however, these aren’t actually reasons as to why you can never ever lose weight. So how did I?

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Well, first I had to change my thinking. I had to learn to love myself and be gentle with myself. I absolutely didn’t start to lose a bit of weight until my mind had dropped the mental weight. Then, I changed what I ate and how often I ate. I don’t believe in giving up food I love….however, I never loved things like chips or fast food….they were just convenient and tasted good. Plus I was still learning how to cook and didn’t trust myself. Cooking for myself usually meant a night of bad tasting food. However, I kept working on it and now I can make meals that I love way more than any fast food. I also watched portion sizes and how often I ate. I do NOT count calories though. Calories paint a very one sided picture. You can be starving for nutrients even while eating the correct amount of calories.

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The other thing I did was studied. What are my nutritional requirements? Where do the nutrients come from? I must have read 2 dozen books on this subject, plus I started following a lot of bloggers and youtubers that talk about this.

As for exercise, I’m still working on it. I got more active for sure. I walk a lot more in a day, do more chores, etc. However, as for actual planned exercise…it’s a goal.


So that’s how I did it! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like and subscribe. If you want to see more of me, feel free to head over to my Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter! xoxo ❤

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