Home Decorating Inspiration – House Plants

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I am currently obsessed with putting plants everywhere in a home. Yes they require a bit of work, but if you get the right ones, that work can be reduced by quite a bit. I’m not even talking about putting flowers everywhere…although I do love flowers. Flowers are great, but they last shorter periods of time than other plants, and require more attention. I’m talking about ferns and cacti and little trees. Anything to add that natural greenness to your space. I used to be skeptical about bringing all that life into a house, but now I really just love it…calming effect, cleans the air, adds more oxygen, and looks amazing!

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Also, some of these plants have uses. There are a few herbs you can grow indoors (I would personally go for ones that don’t scent the air though…as great as it smells, you may not always want your place to smell like dill or rosemary). There’s also aloe vera, which is a type of cactus that doesn’t look very cactusy. More like a fat fern. I actually grew up with one in my childhood home, and it was great. It’s sap has a huge natural healing ability, so whenever I had a sunburn, I would just cut off a leaf and spread the sap over the burn.

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I’m not going to make tons of recommendations over which plants to get…I will be the first to admit that I am a terrible gardener. Right now, I’ve just been buying plants that look nice to me, and then it’s trial and error to see if they survive easily or not. If you are more outgoing than I tend to be, you can also talk to the people who work at garden stores…they do know their stuff and should have some great recommendations.

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