My Top 5 Cheap and Healthy Foods that I Keep in my Kitchen

1. Oats 

Oats are my staple breakfast food. One bag of oats is extremely cheap and that covers breakfast for 2 months. With just oats and water I can have oatmeal every morning! Of course that’s bland oatmeal, but you can add almost anything to oatmeal to up the flavour. The great thing is though, if you are literally dirt broke and all you have is oats and water, your breakfast is still covered. What can you add? Try cinnamon, cacao powder, maple syrup, brown sugar, berries, milk, honey, applesauce, seeds, or banana!

2. Beans

Beans are a fantastic source of non-animal protein. Even better, they are incredibly cheap. Cans aren’t bad, but dried bags of beans are even cheaper (you just have to soak them overnight before you can cook with them).

3. Frozen Vegetables

You can always find bulk amounts of cheap frozen vegetables on sale, and then it’s easy to throw them into a recipe. Keeping your freezer stocked with frozen vegetables makes it easier to think of healthy things to make as well.

4. Brown Rice

While it doesn’t make for a healthy meal on its own, it does go with many things (your frozen vegetables for instance!) While it’s good to limit quantities, sometimes you do need to bulk up a meal  a bit, and brown rice is a good direction for that.

5. Cans of Soup

I always have canned soup on hand. Sometimes I pick up a can during a grocery haul, sometimes I take one or two from my mum’s collection when I visit…but I always have 5-6 cans in my kitchen. This means, when everything else runs out, I have delicious soup to eat. Healthy and filling!

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