My Favourite Scents

I like to smell good. To be honest, that’s a bit of an understatement. I have trouble functioning in a day if I think I smell bad. Even if I suddenly need to go out without makeup, in sweats, and my hair pulled back, I need to spray on a body spray before I leave the house. This doesn’t mean I like to smell heavily of musky perfumes…I prefer smelling light and fresh. Anyway, I have a lot of favourite scented products I’ve collected due to this, so here are my top choices!


My first product is a body butter, Wild Madagascar Vanilla from Bath and Body Works. I have to use body butter every single day when the weather is dry, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make my skin smell very good. I’ve found I don’t worry about lotions or soaps clashing with perfume and body spray because while perfume and body spray gives the air around you a nice smell, lotions and soaps make people realize how good you smell if they lean in close for any reason. Plus it makes your skin smell good just to you. Anyway, I love vanilla scents as my “heavy” scent, since they aren’t too heavy and they smell great. Also, I always find whenever I’m wearing any form of vanilla that I get non-stop compliments through the day.


My next product is my second favourite scented body butter! It’s Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works and it smells like a warm hug. It’s just comforting and doesn’t smell too strong, but keeps my skin smelling lightly good through the day.


This is my favourite body wash. The first time I got it, I sat in my living room smelling it for close to an hour (let that image sink in). It’s from Lush, and it is a totally indulgent expensive product. For me, splurging on a body wash is a total treat, but I understand not everyone feels this way. Anyway, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever smelled in my life, it’s made from natural products, and it’s totally moisturizing.


This is also a body wash! It’s Wild Honeysuckle from Bath and Body Works.This one is more reasonably priced. It smells like flowers and smelling it in the shower in the morning actually makes my day brighter and better.


This is a hand lotion from The Body Shop. It’s Madagascan Vanilla Flower, which is different from their plain vanilla scent. I’ve been buying this lotion for about 5 years now because I have never found another lotion that compares. It’s light and not heavy on my skin and has an incredible smell. Funny story actually, my mum doesn’t tend to like vanilla scents for body scents, but this smelled so good it made her stop and ask me what I was wearing because she wants to go out and get it!


This is my favourite everyday body spray. I’ve been wearing it for about 5-6 years, and I actually still look forward to putting it on in the morning because I love the scent. It’s Indian Night Jasmine, and it’s from The Body Shop.


Finally, this is also a body spray, and I got it as a recent whim because it was on sale. It’s more strongly scented than my usual body sprays, but it’s still floral and contains no hint of musk. It’s English Dawn White Gardenia from The Body Shop. I will give a warning though. I got the lotion that’s the same scent, and I hate it. I don’t think it smells nice as a lotion at all. However, the body spray is quite nice! Also, I’m not trying to sell these, but when I was adding the link I noticed that it’s 50% off!

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