The BEST Hair Treatment

Ok….that title might be a little cocky. I just mean my favourite hair treatment. Or the hair treatment that worked the best on my hair. Anyway, it’s fantastic.

I just went to Turkey as well as to Greece, and this unfortunately resulted in quite a bit of damage to my hair. It was a mix of factors that did me in. First off, those tiny travel conditioner bottles make me quite conservative with the amount I use…so my hair was receiving much less than usual. Secondly, we were hiking and outdoors all day, so I felt so sweaty and grimy by evening that I was washing my hair every single day. Next, it was humid, and humidity has never been kind to my hair. And lastly, I was using a very cheap hair straightener, since I needed to buy a European one there. That thing was so hard on my hair that I winced every time I used it (and in that humidity, I had to use it at least a little bit in order not to be a bush ball).

This all meant that by the time I came back, my hair was very dry and brittle. So the second day I was home, I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to do something. Anyone who knows me knows that I do a coconut oil treatment on my hair once or twice a month as it is. However, at this level of damage, I needed to do much more than that. So what did I do?

1. A Coconut Oil Treatment 


Sometimes sticking to the classics is the best thing you can do, at least as a starting point:) All I did was the night before I showered, I took coconut oil and massaged it into my hair (just down the sides, focusing on the ends, not the scalp). Then I braided my hair and fell asleep.

2. Oil Infused Shampoo


This is L’Oreal Paris Oleotherapy Oil Infused Shampoo. I was so happy when I found this while shopping. It’s now my favourite shampoo. Before finding it, I was an exclusively Dove kind of girl, but this stuff was so amazing and smells so nice that I switched brands for it! It’s intensely hydrating, and always leaves my hair feeling healthy.

To use, I lathered this into my scalp. I did not bring my hair up and lather the entire thing…I just let the shampoo wash down over the rest of my hair when I rinse it all out. Shampoo is just for the scalp in my books.

3. Oil Infused Hair Mask

This is L’Oreal Oleotherapy Deep Recovery Hair Mask. It’s the same brand as the shampoo, but it’s a heavy heavy conditioner. On a normal basis, I use this once a week. The rest of the week, I just use the normal conditioner that comes with this brand.

To use, I kind of split my hair into pig tails in the shower. Then I take a dollop out and massage down my hair and into the ends on one pigtail (I don’t touch the scalp). Then I repeat with the other pigtail. This is just to make sure I’ve gotten every bit of hair. Then I rinse it all out!

And ta-da, my hair is now in better condition than before I left! It’s soft and lovely, and as my shocked mother said after touching it, it feels silky.

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