What I ate Wednesday!


My day started off how it always does…porridge! Yum. It’s funny, I actually grew up hating porridge. Couldn’t stand the taste of it. One time when I was staying at an overnight camp, I got in tons of trouble for refusing to touch the porridge they put in my breakfast bowl in the morning. Now I can’t imagine mornings without it! I have oats, half water, half almond milk, blueberries, a banana (half mashed and mixed in, and half sliced on top), and cinnamon. I also always have a mug of green tea and a glass of water with my breakfast!

unnamed (1)

My lunch was basically a ton of different stuff thrown together…and it was delicious! I had brown rice, half a chicken breast, grilled veggies (carrots, butternut squash, and red bell pepper), and steamed kale. I also had a square of dark chocolate and a glass of lemon water:)

unnamed (2)

Ok, so my day wasn’t completely healthy. My snack was a chocolatey shortbread cookie. Not the best for me, but I loved every bite!


My beautiful dinner was super simple! I had two mini quesadillas with mushrooms, onion, sweet potato, salsa, and guacamole, and strawberries with cinnamon for dessert! I also had another glass of water with dinner…just plain water this time! Between the three glasses with meals, and 5 others I had at various other points through the day, I got my complete daily water intake:) It’s not always easy to remember to drink that much, but I always feel better for it.

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