How to Clean a Litterbox Properly

This post may or may not be motivated by certain roommate frustrations. I do not own cats, but I have gotten in the habit of cleaning up after the two that live with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cats, but getting home after a vacation and realizing that my entire apartment smells like litter can be frustrating. Especially since if cats don’t have a clean litter box, they do search for other alternatives (I came back to find I had to throw out most of my bedding recently).

Cleaning the litter box couldn’t be a simpler process.

1. Pick up the litter box

2. Empty the litter box into a trash bag (carefully, so as to not spill litter everywhere)

3. Wipe down the box

4. Pour in a new bag of litter (yes, the entire bag)

As for how often to clean the litter box: if you have 1 cat, then clean it once a week. If you have 2 cats, clean it twice a week. If you have 3 cats, get two boxes and clean them both twice a week. If you have more than 3 cats, seriously re-evaluate your life choices.

Yes, I am saying to completely use up an entire bag of litter every time you clean the litter box. The good news is, litter is dirt cheap (it’s literally dirt). I know it’s still not as cheap as not buying litter, but that unfortunately is one of the costs of cats. They do cost money and time, as much as they are known for being less high maintenance than dogs. Less maintenance does not mean no maintenance. You may think the box looks fine with only a thin layer of litter, however, that thin layer will become unsatisfactory to your cats very quickly. They like it deep enough to bury their poop in.

Reasons to clean a litter box regularly:

-Without cleaning, the room will smell. Eventually, your entire place will smell. Even if you are scooping out the messes every few days, that is not sufficient to remove the smell. The only thing that will cut the smell is changing the litter.

-Your cats become stressed if their litter box isn’t clean

-The cats will search for alternative places to use the washroom. I have heard of a few other cases besides mine where they decide to use the bed of the human they think is most likely to address the problem. It is unfortunately a source of communication.

-A dirty litter box breeds bacteria. Don’t let bacteria in your home.

-Cat feces contains parasites

-The cats will start to smell bad if their litter box is dirty. They will smell clean if their box is clean. It’s one of the charms of cats.

I hope you all clean up after your pets properly, and I hope your litter boxes are sparkling with the care and time you put into cleaning them!

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