July of Style! – Early Morning Driving

I have not been good to my blog lately. I haven’t been posting, or even working on posts. I do feel bad, and that’s why I decided it’s time to do another blogging everyday challenge! I know technically I should’ve started on July 1st, but I didn’t even think to do this challenge until today, so I am starting today and going until the end of July.

Back in December I did 31 days of style, and that was very popular, so I decided to do the same thing through July! I think it makes sense if you all liked my winter style to show off my summer style. The only unfortunate thing is that I left the charger for my mac in Toronto, so I cannot upload photos from my good camera, only from my phone. I’m low on money right now, but I do intend to buy a memory card reader, so that may change a bit of the way through the month.

unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

Today I am wearing one of my favourite summer dresses! I actually bought it when I was in Greece, specifically on the island of Mykonos. It’s gorgeous, it’s in my favourite summer blue, and it brings back such great memories. It pairs awesomely with my brand new sandals from Call it Spring!

I had to wake up at 6 this morning, as I had a driving lesson from 7-9. My licence expires at the end of August, so I am desperately attempting to pass my last driving test before I have to start all over again. Where I live, there are 3 tests to get a full licence: one written, and two on the road. The written one gives you a licence that makes you eligible to drive with an adult in the car. The first road test takes place a minimum of a year later, and lets you drive on your own. The next road test takes place a minimum of a year after that, and gives you a full drivers licence. However, you time out after 5 years, and then you have to start again right from the first written test. I am on the last road test, and I am hoping I pass on my first try!

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