July of Style! – Birthday Margaritas

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This outfit is actually from Saturday, but I really liked it so I decided to share it today anyway. The skirt is from Garage (surprise, surprise) and the top is also from Garage (the exact top is no longer in stock, but I linked you to a similar one)! I love my accessories with this outfit, but unfortunately they are a wee bit harder to find. The owl necklace is from Greece, specifically the island of Samos. The bow ring is from the Annex Family Street Festival that I attended with my mother and cousins a while back in Toronto. The bracelet is also from the same street festival.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

So on Saturday I celebrated my friend’s 21st birthday (although it was a week after her actual birthday). We went out for mexican food (and margaritas of course!) and walked across the street for delicious marble slab ice cream right after. We also went downtown for some slam poetry! I haven’t been the most social lately, so this was a fantastic night and a reminder of how much I love seeing my friends.

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