July of Style – Taylor Swift Concert!!!!


Today’s outfit couldn’t be more simple. It’s just this summer dress! It’s hot and muggy out, so I just wanted something simple, and not to worry about accessories or crazy shoes (I’m just wearing simple sandals). The dress is my favourite casual summer one, and it is from Garage (why do I even bother telling you where my clothes are from? It’s always the same). I can’t even find one similar to this that they still stock, as I did get this one a while back, but I’ve linked you to another great dress that I think is gorgeous!!

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

Last night was I-N-S-A-N-E. I went to see Taylor Swift live!!! I thought she was absolutely incredible. The type of performance she chooses to put on is unparalleled. I saw her during her Red tour, and thought she was incredible then, but her 1989 tour takes it to the next level. Even better, I was in row 13 of the floor!!

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