July of Style! – Coconut Oil and a No Make-up Day


Today I am wearing a basic t-shirt and shorts outfit…of course, the t-shirt is in my favourite shade of blue and the shorts are white with flowers! A bit of a fashion twist on a classic outfit. I am also wearing that same owl necklace from Greece that I’ve been wearing so much this month…I can’t help it, it’s so lovely and it goes with nearly every outfit! The shorts are from Garage but they are two years old, so I’ve linked you to another pair I love. The shirt is from Garage as well, but much more recently!

Today was my first day back to using coconut oil on my skin after a few weeks using a lush moisturizer instead. I loved the lush moisturizer (it smelled like strawberries!) but coconut oil feels so much better on my skin. I don’t think I will deviate from it again. I am also having a no make-up day, due to the fact that it’s a day in, and I haven’t had a day without makeup in a few weeks now. It’s good to remember to do that every once in a while, because your skin needs to breathe in order to be healthy!

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