July of Style! – Midterms


Today is your basic staying at home to study outfit. Everything is just meant to be comfy and flowy. The shorts I got back in highschool, so I absolutely can’t give you a link to them…in fact I don’t even remember where I got them (it was likely Garage or Bluenotes though). However, even without a link, I’m sure you all have your own basic pair of comfy jean shorts. The top I got in Smart Set, but I also got it a very long time ago. Smart Set isn’t one of my usual places to shop, but they do have some cute things for good prices, so it is worth checking out every now and then. They are closing soon though, so if you were thinking of getting anything, go get it soon!

As I’ve already said, today is a day of staying inside and studying. Unfortunately, it looks like that will be all of my days for the next little while, since I have a midterm on Tuesday, an assignment due Wednesday, and another midterm next Monday. No need to complain though…there is something relaxing about staying in and studying all day.

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