July of Style! – More Studying and a New Bed

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Hello all! This is another very basic outfit for me. I’m wearing what is probably my most used crop top from Garage with one of my favourite Garage skirts, which is a little worse for wear as I did take it to Turkey and Greece with me. I wore this outfit because it keeps me cool (it is so hot!!) and it also always makes me feel pretty. I am on my period, which always makes me feel gross and bloated and just like I’ve gained 20 pounds, so it’s nice to wear something loose and flowy that just makes me feel pretty. It’s so fun being a girl sometimes!


Today is another day of studying in my bedroom. I may go for a walk as well because it is gorgeous outside and I am desperate to get out for a bit! I also have something exciting on my mind. If you didn’t know already, I am moving to Toronto in mid-august. I’m moving in with my mother as she lives close to the college I’m attending. I already had a bed in my room in her house, but it is a very small room, so for actually living there, I wanted a more practical bed. Well, my new bed arrived yesterday!!! My mom was kind enough to send me pictures of it all set up, and now I get to excitedly plan my bedding and my desk supplies. There’s something to take my mind away from studying for a while!

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