July of Style! – Can it Get any Hotter?!?!?


So I am BOILING today, which is why I tried to take a picture of my outfit right away, since I know I won’t look nearly as good in a few hours (picture sweat, head to toe). My outfit is very simple and light, perfect for a day of sitting around sweating, trying to concentrate on studying. My shirt is from Garage and the skirt is also from Garage! I have no accessories, no shoes, basically I’m not wearing anything except the necessities.

I have a midterm tomorrow! I wish I could say that I’ll be able to relax after that, but unfortunately I have an assignment due on Wednesday, then another midterm next Monday. Then I will be able to relax a bit for one week before heading into exams. It’s a busy July. I’m getting very excited about moving though! I also have an exciting announcement coming up in August….so look forward to that;)

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