July of Style! – Midterm #1

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So today I am dressed comfortably and cooly once again! It isn’t exactly what I would normally wear to school during the school year, as I do believe in dressing at least a little bit professionally for a school environment, however summer courses are so much more relaxed, and also, it’s just too hot to dress up! My loose t-shirt is from Garage. I don’t normally wear t-shirts this baggy, but I bought it online and it came bigger than expected. It’s great for these hot summer days, but I imagine once the weather cools out a bit, this will become a favourite pj top. My shorts are also from Garage, and I have worn them before in this style guide, but they are much too old to provide a link for.

Today is my first midterm of the summer term! I do feel ready, however, I also know that midterms can be unpredictable….traditionally the ones I’ve felt most ready for have been the hardest. It also can work the other way too! I remember there was one midterm last year that I didn’t study for at all do to poor planning, and when I went to do it, none of it was multiple choice, so I felt without a doubt that there was no way for me to do well, even by chance. I felt so unsure of every answer when doing it, and was so certain that I failed, that when I handed it in I actually said sorry to the prof and assured her I wasn’t a bad student, I had just made bad choices this term. When I got it back however, it turns out I got a 96%, my single best mark in all of university on a test! Turns out I knew a bit more than I thought I did.

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