July of Style! – A Beautiful Fall Day in July



It rained last night, and with that, the last of the horrible humidity and debilitating heat disappeared. The only setback was that the rain kind of overdid it’s job…today was as cool as a pleasant September day! I hope the whole summer isn’t either too hot or too cold, but it made a nice change for today. That’s why my outfit is definitely a bit more “back to school” than “summer by the beach.” Today I am wearing both jeans and top from Garage…I’ve only linked you to the top, since I’m pretty sure everyone owns a fantastic pair of blue jeans (it’s basically against the law not to these days). My jeans also don’t look as good as a pair of jeans should look, and that is because I have lost a lot of weight since I bought them. My earrings are so old that I’m pretty sure I got them when I was around 13 or 14. My shoes are also old…I got them a few years ago on sale from Forever 21!

I went book shopping yesterday and I got some lovely books that I have been really enjoying. The first one is called #GirlBoss and it’s by the woman who started the clothing company Nasty Gal (one of my all time favourite clothing companies, although I can’t afford much from it. I’ve linked you to their site). I didn’t think I’d enjoy her book quite as much as I do. It’s hilarious and such a good read though! The second is the Opposite of Loneliness. This is also an incredible read, but I think I will go through it a bit more slowly. It’s a collection of essays and short stories by a truly brilliant young woman who died five days after graduating from Yale with honours. The last is Love, Tanya, and it’s by one of my favourite youtubers (Tanya Burr). It’s just her thoughts on love, life, beauty, etc. Overall, a great book haul and it will be very difficult to concentrate on my midterm that’s on Monday!

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