July of Style! – Time to Get Moving


Today I am showing you my classic running outfit! Interestingly enough, both the leggings and the top are still from Garage, even though my favourite fitness wear tends to be from Victoria’s Secret. I wear some variation of this every single morning as soon as I wake up to go on a quick half hour run before I start my day. The shoes are old, but I got them from the Running Room. They’re really great at giving you shoes to suit your feet there, and these have lasted me about 6 years now (with no plans to throw them out anytime soon), so I would definitely recommend going there.

Today has been a very subdued sort of day. I really want to be busier than I am (yes I know, even with the midterm Monday), and I just feel like I’m not accomplishing enough. I also recently finished #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, and it definitely made me feel like I should be doing a lot more right now. However, I’m doing as much as I can, and as soon as I move in August my schedule will fill up and hopefully leave me feeling very fulfilled.

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