July of Style! – More Midterms and a Manicure

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

Today I am wearing a pair of soft pants from Garage along with one of my favourite crop tops from Garage! I love this outfit…it was a go-to outfit that I wore about twice a week toward the beginning of the summer, but I haven’t worn it in almost a month now! I think I just got a little tired of it, but I’m back to loving it.

Last night I cleaned my room completely, and I also cleaned out my closet! I ended up filling two garbage bags with clothes to be donated. It’s funny how things build up in your closet, even when you think of yourself as an organizer like I do. I rewarded myself by giving myself a little mini manicure:) Today I’m back to studying for a midterm that’s on Monday. So it looks like a pretty boring rest of my weekend!

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