July of Style! – A Day Off

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

Today I am wearing a very comfy, yet still stylish outfit. The top is a nice and relaxed burgundy tee from Garage, and the shorts are my favourite summer shorts from Sirens (I can’t provide a link because Sirens sucks for online shopping). I’ve shown the shorts before with a crop top, and I think that’s a slightly more fashionable look, but they still go well with a relaxed tee as long as that tee doesn’t try to form its own waist line….I tried that before and the combination of waist lines was adding about ten pounds to the look.

The past week and a half has been filled with midterm studying, plus an assignment thrown in. I still have one more assignment due before the end of July, and exams are coming up that first week of August, but today is a day off. I might clean a little, but I’m trying to fill my day with stress-free fun activities….watching movies, reading, drawing….just things to help me unwind. This is my first day off in ages and I am so so happy about it! Tomorrow I have to jump back into work, but today is all about me.

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