July of Style! – Am I Sick?

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Today I am wearing an easy, comfortable outfit. The shirt and the pants are both from Garage, and I did not pair them with any accessories. It’s a plain outfit, just made for laying around the house, but will also mean I won’t have to get changed if I have to go out.

The reason for such a practical outfit is because of a rather scary night. I woke up at 2 am with a very high fever, and this was after having a sharp pain in my side for the previous twelve hours. Of course, these are the symptoms for appendicitis, so I took immediate action. I got dressed right then, thinking if I decided to go to the ER at any point through the night, I would at least be able to go fast. Thankfully, in the end it turned out not to be appendicitis. My fever broke by morning and the pain in my side faded around noon today. Yay!

Tonight I have a friend coming over and we are watching a movie, drinking margaritas (I may make mine virgin after being sick last night), and eating nachos with guac. It’s gonna be a fantastic Friday night!

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