Alright everyone, this is something I have been thinking about for a very VERY long time, and I am very excited to finally announce it. I have started a youtube channel!!!!

(Sounds of loud celebration)

Yes, I have started a youtube channel. On that channel, I am going to be daily vlogging for seven years straight! It is very exciting, and a completely challenging task. Why seven years? Depending on how long you’ve been following this blog, you may remember that a while ago I did a post on “The Seven Year Challenge.” In that post, I talked about how all the cells in your body are in a constant cycle of dying and being replaced, but every cell does this at a different rate. Once every seven years, there is a completely new you! So what if over the next seven years, I ate right, worked out, studied hard, and built good relationships? Well the person I am in seven years would be drastically different from the person I am now. This channel is a way of recording that process, and hopefully at the end of seven years, you will have watched my life transform.

Please please please go and subscribe to my brand new channel!! I have already been doing this for 3 days, and you can find the link here:

See you all on over there (and still on here, I’m not going to stop blogging).

xoxo ❤

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