Thoughts on Being 21

So yesterday was my 21st birthday, and to me at least, that’s a pretty big deal. Twenty-one is the age where you are universally considered an adult, by anyone’s legal or non-legal definition. You can drink pretty much anywhere, you can drive, you can rent an apartment and live on your own, and you are no longer in your shaky first years of being out on your own where you have to ask your parents for exact directions every step of the way. In a lot of ways, that’s scary.

Things that suck about being 21:

  1. A lot of student discounts stop at 19 (what is up with that??)
  2. You HAVE to book your own doctor’s and dentist appointments
  3. Job interviews matter a little more, and the questions only get tougher
  4. There is no excuse for rolling out of bed, putting on sweats, and going anywhere
  5. You can’t blame your parents for any quirks that are unlikable in your personality – you have to take responsibility for who you are
  6. “Angst” and “hormones” are no longer excuses for being a bitch
  7. You really have to start figuring out a career path
  8. Saying “my mom says no” is no longer an acceptable excuse to get out of social engagements
  9. Sales people who come to the door are actually there to talk to you, not your mom or dad
  10. It’s time to do your own taxes

All of this being said, I’m actually pretty excited for the coming years. Even with the hardships and responsibilities, this is now officially my own life. There is a great sense of freedom in that, even in knowing that no one will catch me if I fall down. I’m no longer growing, or waiting for life to start…I’m just living.

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