What I got for my Birthday!

I turned 21 last week! It was a lovely birthday, filled with family and friends, and really I didn’t need a single gift to make the day special. However, I did get gifts, and those gifts were pretty remarkable this year, so I thought I would share what I got with all of you!


First, I got these cute gold earbuds! I was super short on earbuds or headphones before this birthday…I was down to using a cheap pair of monster vs zombie earbuds because every other pair I had broke. I love these and I think they look so cute, and go perfectly with my style!


I got my very first piece of Tiffany’s jewelry! This is a scripted gold “T” necklace. I’m not sure if they do these in every letter…it may have originally just been T for Tiffany, but it also happens to be the first letter of my name, so I love it. If you watch my youtube channel, you’ll notice that I wear this almost everyday.


These are the rose-gold Layla Frends headphones! I actually asked my brother specifically for these, so he got them for me. I used to have the natural gold pair, but they unfortunately broke in July, so I was desperate for a new pair (which I will hopefully treat with more care).


During the afternoon on the day of my birthday, my mother took me to Kate Spade to go shopping for my present. I was THRILLED because I love Kate Spade, but I don’t own a single thing from the store, due to the fact I cannot afford it. This is my first ever Kate Spade purse, and I am obsessed with it!!


On the same Kate Spade shopping trip, I also got this smaller, ballet pink purse. I love this for a night out, and it’s also quite versatile, as the long handle detaches and it becomes a clutch!!


This is a giant Michael Kors purse! I got this as a gift from my Aunt. I am obsessed with it! It’s a dark navy, which is a colour I don’t traditionally look at for purses (I’m always attracted to the fun, bright colours). I think everyone needs a great big purse sometimes. Sometimes you need to take your laptop somewhere but still look fabulous, sometimes you need a stylish plane carry-on, and sometimes you just have a lot to carry around in a day.


Lastly, I got an iphone. I got the gold iphone 6, and I love it! I cracked the screen on my last phone, plus I had just had that model since high school and was ready for a change. You may also notice that I got a case for it from Kate Spade…not risking another broken phone!

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