New Room Tour!

So for those who didn’t know, I recently moved from Ottawa to Toronto in order to attend college in Toronto. The college is very close to my mother’s home, so it made a lot of sense for me to move in with her, which I did. Now, I’ve heard many mixed thoughts on this topic, ranging from people who think it’s perfectly fine to people who think it’s a horror to live with your mother for any period of time in your twenties. All I can say is, maybe it isn’t the right choice for everybody, but it works for me. I still am able to fully function as an adult while living with my family. There is also the fact that my childhood home was sold years ago, and my parents divorced since then, leaving a vastly different family dynamic than existed when I was growing up.

That being said, I don’t have a home tour to give all of you, as I didn’t decorate most of the home. My mother has beautiful decorating taste though, and I might do a home tour at some point in the future anyway. For now though, I thought I would show you the room I am living in, since I did decorate that. I have spent the last month and a half working very hard on this room, and I am so excited that it’s finally ready for me to show you!


All of the artwork in my current room is either from my childhood room, or my old apartment (mostly my old apartment). I actually managed to stop myself from buying a single new piece of art! (mostly because there was no more room on my walls).

IMG_5679 IMG_5680


One of the most challenging aspects of this room was that I had to incorporate the items and decorations from my childhood room with my current taste and newer items. This lingerie chest is from my childhood bedroom, so I decided to put some items from my childhood on top of it. The vase is filled with (fake) flowers from my great-grandparents funerals. The framed pictures are from deceased pets in my extended family (I was a sentimental child). The bowl is made by artists in Africa, and was given to me as a gift from my parents when I was little. More recently, the elephant is from Barbados, and the picture is a piece of artwork from my old apartment. The flashlight is there for practical reasons!




This was a very tiny room, so space was a problem for me for a while. I considered getting a twin bed, but that would only give me slightly more floor space. I was starting school, and nowhere in this entire house was there room for a desk (besides in one room in the small, dark, depressing basement)! The loft bed was a bit of an investment, but I’m so glad I decided to get it. Now I get to have a nice big comfy bed as well as a fantastic study area! It also gives me a lot more storage, which is always nice.


This desk chair is actually a dining room chair that was on sale from pier one! It ended up being much cheaper than an actual desk chair.








All of the above pictures are of my working desktop space. I won’t talk about too much here, as a lot of it I’m going over in a stationary haul post that is going up next week. Basically, I tried to make this a functional working space, but also pretty and cosy (it is still my bedroom!). The jewelry holders are new, and I got them from storage solutions. The candle is from bath and body works and makes my entire room smell like autumn! My favourite feature of my desk is actually my lamp, which I got from pottery barn kids. I just love elephants!!


I needed somewhere to store my dozens of pieces of memorabilia from my childhood. I love these shelves so so much, and I love that it means I can see all of this from my bed! These items are from when I was a child, and most of them came from trips I took with my family around the world! Each one has a story, and I could spend an hour with you just telling you about each and every one. The artwork below came from my old apartment.




And lastly my bed! This may be the coziest bed I have ever slept in. It did take a few nights to get used to sleeping near the ceiling, but now I love it! Also, the awkwardness of the ladder means that I just don’t take technology up to my bed, which has changed my sleep so so much for the better. The artwork suits the space perfectly and is all from my old apartment (and yes, the Uptown/Downtown sign points in the right directions!!). The bedding took forever to find. I couldn’t make up my mind about what bedding I wanted! I even wasted money and ordered bedding I ended up hating before I got this! It’s all from pottery barn, and I’m so happy with my final choice. I do keep a few items on my bed: my water bottle (I get thirsty at night). a book, and my doggy friend (for cuddling reasons).

So that is my new room tour! If you have any questions about where I got anything, or how I decorated, feel free to ask! If you enjoyed the post, please like and subscribe! If you would like to see more of me, feel free to check out my Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter! I also run a YouTube channel where I vlog everyday as part of the seven year challenge. xoxo ❤

4 thoughts on “New Room Tour!

  1. kponxy says:

    I love your room! The picture of the couple kissing in the rain is so adorable. I just recently moved into an apartment to move closer to the college I’m attending! I did s post about it a couple of weeks ago 🙂


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