Stationary Haul

I LOVE school supply shopping. This year I decided to do it all through Indigo, because I’ve been loving everything in their office supply section. Between setting up a new desk and just moving, I had quite a few things on my list this year. I love what I got though and am so excited to share it!!


The first thing I got was this completely clear pencil holder with the big gold “&” symbol. It’s funny, I’ve never actually shopped for a pencil holder…they always showed up in the past somehow. It wasn’t until I was setting up my new desk that I realized I was lacking one suddenly! I loved this one the moment I saw it, and I think it goes so well with the rest of my desk.


I got a colouring book! I never thought of myself as the type of person who likes colouring books, but this one has been catching my eye everytime I’ve walked into chapters for the past couple of months. I finally just decided to pull the trigger and go for it. I’ve already coloured in one picture and I love it!!


I try to plan out my meals completely at the beginning of each week. I think it’s a great contributor to health as it means I’m cooking more, and planning around what groceries I have is fantastic for budgeting. I am always looking for new methods of organization, and the layout of this notepad really appealed to me. So far I think it’s wonderfully functional!


I actually got this notepad for free. There was a “buy 2 get 1 free” sale online, and this was the free item that I chose. Notepads are always useful, and I think this one is also pretty.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086

This booklet of different sized sticky notes is so useful!! I am constantly using stickies, but I’m always wishing for one that’s bigger or just a little smaller…there never seems to be the right size. Now I have all the sizes! And they’re gorgeous!!!


Sorry for the horrible picture…I really did try to get a good one, but for some reason I just couldn’t. This is a gold and white wall dry erase wall calendar! I was looking for a wall calendar decal since I moved, because I had free wallspace and I new it would be useful. This one suited my gold and white colour scheme and was just the right size. Love it!


So I’m not usually a pencil-case person, because the top pocket of my backpack has always served that purpose. However, I am in a phase of my life where a backpack is not always the appropriate choice for a business bag. Sometimes I take a large, professional purse instead. So I decided it was time to invest in a good pencil case. This one is small and tucks away easily, but big enough to hold quite a few pencils and pens. I love the design…the gold zipper, white front with the tag line, and the light pink back….it’s very me.

IMG_0091 IMG_0090 IMG_0089

I got three journals! A plain floral one, a coral-stripe one that says “take note,” and a navy one that says “explore.” I am one of those people who likes to have a huge collection of journals at all times. I’m always using them!! Food diaries, to-do lists, grocery lists, a new writing theme, class notes, travel journals, etc…I always need a bunch around. I love all of these ones, and I already am planning what to do with them.


You may or may not recognize these, because I had them in a blog post in my old apartment. I think these chalkboard wall decals are some of the most useful organizational tools ever to be invented. There is an endless list of reasons to need to write on your wall (packing lists, to-do lists, inspirational messages, etc), and I always had something written on all of these in my old apartment. When I moved, I couldn’t imagine not having another set in my new room!

IMG_0095 IMG_0094 IMG_0093

Lastly, I have you basic essentials! Pencil crayons, gel pens, and highlighters. I already have normal pens and pencils in abundance.

And there you have it! I am so ready and so excited for school to begin…although I believe that by the time you’re reading this, it will already have begun. So whether you returned to elementary school, high school, or higher education, I wish you the best of luck in all your coming studies!

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