Fashion Friday – Outfit of the Day! (Travelling Outfit)


          Hello all! About two weeks ago, I traveled to Ottawa to visit friends. I am one of those people who hates the discomfort of sitting for hours on trains or planes, and I always put a lot of thought into everything I can do to make it easier and more comfortable on myself. A big part of that is planning my outfit.

          This is one of my favourite travelling outfits in the fall or winter. The leggings are from Garage, and are awesome because they aren’t designed to be extremely tight fitting…they are more loose-leggings that hug in just the right places and fall loose in the rest. The big comfy sweater is from Garage as well, and is perfect for chilly trains or planes. Plus, wearing this sweater, I never have to take a coat on the train with me! Some people like to take a coat because it means they don’t have to pack it in a crowded suitcase, but for me it just adds stress from having another item to keep track of! I also wear a tank-top under the sweater so that I can just take it off if I get too warm. And that’s it…a nice baggy, comfy outfit that is perfect for travel.

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