Style-Mas: Exams are Exhausting!


So my exam schedule has started to weigh on me a little bit. I am actually sick, but more so, my sleeping schedule is erratic, my eating schedule and what I eat are both messed up, and I haven’t exercised all week. It just throws me off so much! Hopefully I do well enough in my exams that it’s all worth it and I just have to power through until then!

Today I am wearing a comfy pink sweater from Ardene. Ardene is great if you want a sweater or classic shirt and are on a type budget. They are so cheap it’s ridiculous, and their clothes actually hold up pretty well if you treat them with care. My jeans are of course from Garage, but they are a recent purchase and I am so happy about them. I don’t think I’ve ever owned jeans in that colour before!

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