What I ate Wednesday

Today was a really light day for eating. I’m still recovering from the holidays, and I’m not feeling all that well, so I didn’t snack and my meals were not that big. They were still healthy and delicious, but it is a lot less than I would usually eat, just as a disclaimer.


My day started how it always starts…porridge and tea. I really don’t know how I would get through the winter without porridge mornings. The porridge was made with half a cup of oats, water, almond milk, and honey. Once it was done cooking, I sprinkled cinnamon on top, then through some random berries and half a banana on over that. The tea was green tea, and I also had a big glass of water with the meal.


My lunch looks so small! It was really yummy though. It’s just a piece of toast with Avocado mushed on top. I also sprinkled some red pepper flakes on that, and squeezed lime juice over it all. I did also have a hard boiled egg, but it is not in the picture, because I ate it really fast.


My dinner is so colourful! I stopped making stir-fries about two years ago, and now for the life of me I can’t remember why. They are super fast and easy to make, they require no special grocery shopping, and they are packed with nutrition! This stir fry has broccoli, garlic, onion, mushrooms, purple cabbage, carrots, and egg noodles in it. For the sauce, I just mixed together about a tablespoon of soy sauce with a tablespoon of honey. Super easy, but really flavorful.

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