2015 Favourites!

I know I’m a little late posting this, but I got a lot of beauty items for Christmas, so I wanted to make sure the hype had died down and I wasn’t just using my favourite items from Christmas as my favourite items for the year. 2015 was an amazing year for me, and it really opened up new doors in my makeup and beauty routines. I love a lot of my discoveries through the year, and I hope my discoveries can help you with your own beauty journeys.


My favourite palette of the year was in fact a Christmas addition to my collection. This Hourglass Ambient Lighting edit is sadly no longer available, but the Ambient Lighting Palette still is, and you can get the rest of the shades in here individually. I’ve never tried out any of hourglass’s products before, and experimenting with this has been amazing. It’s so subtle and natural, but so stunning at the same time. I love this, and I’ve heard Hourglass products last a really long time, so I look forward to using this years into the future.



My favourite scent has been my favourite scent since high-school. This is the Indian Night Jasmine scent by the Body Shop. They also have it in lotions and body washes and such, but the body spray is my favourite. It’s very everyday (although you can wear it on nice outings), and I always get compliments when I’m wearing it! They’ve also recently redone the packaging, and it’s gorgeous, so I encourage you to go and have a look!



I actually experimented with different bronzers this year for once, but nothing beats this one. This is the Hoola Benefit Bronzer. It’s matte and soft and natural and gorgeous. What really sells it for me is that, while you can layer it on and make it as dark as you like, it is naturally a very light bronzer, which is perfect on my lighter skin.



This has been my favourite lipstick all year, as you can tell by the condition of the container. I wear it almost everyday, despite a rather wide selection of lipsticks I have now. It goes with everything, and it’s stunning in my face, while also being low-impact. It lasts all day, and is actually quite hydrating. I can’t actually tell what colour it is anymore, as the packaging is so worn, but I THINK it’s Rimmel London Colour Rush Sunkissed.



Clinique is one of my favourite skincare companies of all time. My skin is really low maintenance…in fact, loading it with all sorts of products makes it break out. I usually moisturize once every few days, a bit more often in the winter. What I like about Clinique is that their stuff lasts a long time, isn’t crazy expensive, is light on the skin, actually works, is quick drying, and unscented. This moisturizer is the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief by Clinique, and I couldn’t be happier with it. My skin has never felt softer, and I really haven’t even made a dent in the volume.



I decided to combine these categories due to the fact that these are the same company, same scent, but different products. These are on the pricier side, but they are so worth it. They are the Lalicious Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub and the Lalicious Sugar Kiss Body Butter. They make several different scents, but this scent is Sugar Kiss and it smells like warm vanilla, which is so me. These feel like luxury on your skin, and make an immediate noticeable difference. The body scrub is sugar based and is packed with coconut oil. The body butter is thick and creamy without feeling heavy. These are my dream combination and I’m using them sparingly as I’m so worried about running out quickly!



I got this Kate Spade purse in August, so it’s not currently available on their site, but I really wanted to talk about it. It was a gift for my birthday, and everything about it is perfect. It’s envelope style, it’s a gorgeous shade of blue, and it’s just the right size for a casual outing. I can’t fit my big wallet into it, but that’s only because I truly have a monster wallet. I need a smaller going out wallet. Anyway, I love this purse, and while I currently am lucky enough to have a large selection of purses, this is my go-to.



I have gone on a journey with concealers this year. I used to be all about the benefit concealers, but their heavy one started feeling too heavy on my face, and their lighter one just wasn’t very good. I also tried a L’Oreal one, but I really didn’t like that either. I picked this up in Sephora on a whim, and I can finally say that I love my concealer. This is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. It’s light, it’s brightening, and it full of moisture.



What? I can pick a favourite eyeshadow? I know, I know…they are my favourite makeup item, I have a dozen different palettes plus a lot of individual shades…it was hard. This one has taken a shining front seat for me this year though. It’s the Yves Rocher Loose Pearls Eyeshadow in Pink. It is messy, and a bit more work to apply, but for bright, illuminating eyeshadow effects YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS. What I do is I tip some on the back of my hand, then use a small eyeshadow brush to apply it all over the lid and just under the eye. I apply quite a bit, and it’s the only colour I use. It looks stunning.

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